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So the lovely and prolifically talented [ profile] enchanted_jae just posted a celebration of her 11th anniversary on LiveJournal. This had not actually occurred to me before as a thing to celebrate! It made me wonder how long *I* had been around these parts.

Turns out, I've been here nearly as long as Jae! My very oldest post is dated Dec. 5th, 2005 at 9:25 PM.

For those who like to read my fic, I can tell you that in order to attempt to power through an obnoxious case of writer's block, I have been simultaneously working on several pieces of Harry/Draco fic: a final chapter of Green Beans and Fedoras is struggling to come together, plus I got an idea for a silly Luna-inspired thing, and a fic about fame screwing up Harry's career and then potentially saving it and going all sideways, and I'm giggling over the idea I had for yet another "lemme see how a life debt can be an inspiration for a PWP" type thing!

I have 4 tabs open in Google Docs and I am bopping back and forth between them, real chores, and FB. Fic will happen!

(Anyone want to beta for me? Like, in about a week?)
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HDS-Beltane signups have been extended through January 3rd!

Sixteen writers have signed up so far, so this fest has none of the overwhelming aspects that some fests do. Your work won't get lost in the shuffle, and the mods are both extremely helpful and experienced. This is a great fest, and it is ending! This is the last year! So I do sincerely hope that one or two of you will bop on over there and read through things, maybe even sign up. That would rock!

HDS stands for Harry, Draco, Severus. It accepts genfic, sexytimes fic, and everything in between. You can write no relationship, any of the three pairings, or a threesome. Beltane is a pagan holiday celebrating spring, warmth and fertility.
Just think about the combinations you could come up with when you add all that together and stir!
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I plan to begin posting the newest 19 chapters of my "Breaking Him" series on FRIDAY, JANUARY 4!! I will post one every Friday until the fic is all posted. See my skyehawke page (links will be posted here) for new chapters as they arrive.
This series begins with "Breaking Him," moves on to the bizarre and cracky "Waking up with Liggy," and continues on to the third section, "Faking Him." Those sections are all necessary to understanding the last, far longer section, which will be titled "Remaking Him."
The beginning of the first three sections can be found here:


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