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Two cool things! :)

I have rekindled a friendship with a lovely, sweet gay man who lives several hours north of me, just in time to watch him begin to fall crazy in love with a new boyfriend. "Harry" has been swooning and typing me humongous emails full of details about his new romance. Including photos of the beautiful rose, and the card he made for "Draco," and the letters he writes to "Draco," and things of that nature. It's been a fabulous experience for both of us, I think. He gets to obsess without freaking "Draco" out, and I get all manner of education in the behavior of real gay men in the wild. ;)

(Yes, "Harry" has dark hair and "Draco" is blond, too!)

I have to say, any doubts I ever had about the ability of gay men to be sweet, to be honest with each other, to be romantic, or to wait to have sex with a promising partner have vanished. It isn't universal behavior, obviously, but my friend "Harry" has been dating his "Draco" for a few weeks now, and they still haven't taken off their clothes. And yes, they are both adults.

My friend "Harry" is also a complete book design geek. I asked him to read Appearances and he not only read it, and felt that my Draco was "his Draco", he wants to turn it into a bound book that he and I can both buy copies of off some self-publishing operation.

This is primarily why I'm posting. No one has ever (to my knowledge) drawn or painted anything inspired by my one and only h/d novel. What good is printed and bound fanfic without some art? So I'm hoping to inspire pay* someone to draw or paint something for this "book." Interested? If so, there are spoilers under the cut, indicating my first, second and third choices for potentially good scenes to draw. But mostly, I want art, and I know I won't be drawing anything myself. Not that I'll actually want to look at, anyway!

Happily, "Harry" can buy contributing artists their own copies of the 'book,' as a thank you, too!

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